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2001-02-28 📌 Site Update: Charlotte get a website

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The all-new Charlotte band homepages have moved to a different home. They're getting far more development than my own homepages, and are packed with interesting stuff relating to the band, including MP3 downloads. Check 'em out!

Navigation bars here are now created with JavaScript, so please make efforts to turn it on or update your browser if necessary... it makes it so much easier to provide decent navigation controls, and also means smaller files (which equal quicker browsing!) Remember, JavaScript isn't Java-it isn't bulky, gimmicky or browser-crashing! It's half of the DHTML equation, and is here to stay on the net.

All of my first year university essays have now been posted, which somebody somewhere (somehow) may find useful. As ever, I promise more regular updates... usually this turns out to be a blatant lie. Will this chain be broken? Watch this space. Then get bored and find something else to do.

I've uploaded some wallpapers and system customisation stuff, and some Transformers fanfic and art which isn't anywhere else on the net to the best of my knowledge. Oh, and some song lyric quotes, and more general wibble. Maybe this time the trend to be creative will last longer after all...

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