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2001-06-30 📌 Site Update: Remember

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This site is still hosted on Tripod (for now), but will be referenced for the future by, so please update your bookmarks! Thanks! :)

Coolest new stuff is photos of friends & Aberystwyth... of which more to come! I've also updated the free software recommendations, added a new graphics section for sigs and comic scans, a Transformer collection & trading page, my second year English essays, and lots of minor updates and tweaks!

As usual, I've redecorated the place, and Tripod helped with its excellent ZIP upload facility. Since a stable Netscape 6.x is now available, I've abandoned NS4 and it's abysmal HTML & CSS implementation. It's not coming back onto my system! :D

There's also more on the Charlotte homepages... the biggest change being that the MP3s are now greater in number, of higher quality, and stored on!

💬 Comments are off, but you can use the mail form to contact or see the about page for social media links.