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2000-05-31 📌 Site Update: Bigfoot is real

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"Vietnam, me no update you long time." Sorry, I've been reading The Beach. My excuse, as ever, is that I've been trying to have a life away from the keyboard. But hey, now I'm back, with a brand new look and design that's hopefully going to be easier to maintain; one that I might actually stick with... It's also easier to navigate! Check out the all-new JavaScript search engine. [NB: since removed!]

Minor updates over the course of the week: New front page, added mug shots of my uni flatmates. Hi guys! Thanks for putting up with me!

The site now has it's own e-mail address for correspondance, and I'll probably eventually kill off my Hotmail account and open another-people I know will get my Bigfoot forwarding address in due course. The reason for this shake-up is, of course, spam e-mail... more on this annoyance is written elsewhere.

Added: Photos, band and music stuff, software recommendations, and so forth. Some stuff which I consider redundant has been finally been removed: it's time to move on. There's lots that I could write in this update section; but I'm more interested in getting new pages sorted right now. Hope you like the new site!

💬 Comments are off, but you can use the mail form to contact or see the about page for social media links.