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2005-01-17 📌 The Wildhearts had a live album out in October, apparently...

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Bloody hell, missed that completely... a 2-CD UK live album: The Wildhearts Strike Back.

I think it's time I joined the official site mailing list. I avoid mailing lists as a rule, on the basis that I visit the sites of the few bands I'm that interested in fairly regularly. Oops. Well, the latter part of 2004 was very hectic.

Now that I know, I find myself shamefully disinterested. I already have a cracking live Wildhearts album in the form of Tokyo Suits Me—admittedly that's a Japanese release that cost me twenty-five quid some years back, and for everyone else a two-disc local release costing about a tenner should come as a welcome offering. Previously, the only live Wildhearts release over here was the so-so Anarchic Airwaves (a cash-in by Kuro Neko after the band split, compiled from various BBC recordings.) I haven't listened to that in an extremely long while.

Anyway... I'm not much for having lots of live recordings around, just someone who collects tracks I like. I'd rather have the a CD of the single that originally released Girlfriend Clothes (Caffeine Bomb) even if the recording isn't amazing and it generally sells for lurid sums. Speaking of failing to keep track of things, there's also a recent CD of Ginger recordings doing the rounds at gigs (The Great White Monkey)—that one I only know about because I saw a copy on eBay. Predictably, the discography on the official site hasn't been updated since fuck knows when and you're better off going to the one at FiveMilesHigh and their separate one for Ginger (see that one for links to related releases by Clam Abuse, SilverGinger5, etc.) Although there's little chance of finding some of the more obscure releases since ChangesOne closed down...

I don't think it's fair to say that I'm suffering from Wildhearts burnout, but I am having trouble keeping track. Too much information and no central source. Perhaps it's time to for me to start writing and updating lists... nothing fancy, just what's released, a cover (where available) and track info.

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