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2005-01-18 📌 do() || do_not(); // try();

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Argh. Some php I've been working on is doing me feckin' head in. I'm trying to get the same codebase to function with two different forum systems so that all I need to do is make variables changes to one file and then only have one set of files to work on. Can I make intuitive sense of the code I left myself? Can I feck...

Speaking of forum systems, I spent a few productive hours last week installing an instance of phpBB behind a passworded directory on this here site, then ripping everything extraneous out of it for simplicity and bandwidth conservation. Since we're doing the APASS TEFL thing in Poland again this Summer—and Sally's team-leading our group—we figured a central location people could stop into and exchange ideas mightn't be a bad idea. Glyn, I'll be in touch if I haven't already.

As it happens, PlugSocket have announced upgraded hosting packages for 2005, and that they're passing on the improvements to existing customers. This makes them much better value for money than was previously the case, plus they're still excellently reliable and responsive to customer enquiries; this was my prompt to look at hosting the forum here rather than elsewhere.

(Side note: if you know anyone running a public phpBB install of a version prior to 2.0.11, please direct them to this urgent notification of a critical exploit targeting old, insecure versions that allows deletion or modification of entire sites.)

Now for a general wondering...ment: The Hot Puppies' message board currently has Google ads for "Bargain Puppies" and "German Shepherd Breeders". Isn't there any way of forcing Google ads to be more relevant? Working off the titles and text of pages is a very poor way of handling ads on forums. As a similar example, those on the Sluggy forums are all for people offering forum software installations (rather than comics and art/writing supplies, which would be relevant to the forum)... surely Google realise forum viewers are often frequent-return eyeballs and could offer better targeting?

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