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2005-01-19 📌 Upcoming solo album by Ginger / late 3CR news.

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Sort of, at least. Most of these tracks gained a limited release as part of a mail order singles club, which planned 12 releases (one a month) over the course of a year. To my knowledge, five were released before the pace grew too much for the label, bureaucracy or whatever. The current distributor seems keen enough to have posted a microsite in advance of the double-disc slated for January 31st, so you can check out one-minute clips of the songs:

I don't think the microsite lists them in correct order, so here's a breakdown / commentary of the track-listing Amazon and Play have:

Disc 1

1. I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
Best foot forward, an acoustic live favourite with intelligent lyrics.
2. Don't Let Me Die Lonely
The link for this on the Sanctuary site appears to take you to a duplicate Thailand Uber Alles.
3. Thailand Uber Alles
Pleasant, melodic, seems a grower.
4. Cars & Vaginas
I suspect there's a rocking summer tune buried beneath the awful download quality.
5. You, Me & BT
After quite a number of listens, this is starting to become quite infectious.
6. Not Bitter, Just A Little Disappointed
The title (and a stormy guitar riff) make up a big part of the song.
7. The Saga Of Me & You
Possibly a slow-builder, but it doesn't really do much in the first minute.
8. Naked Innocence
Parts of this sound very much like "Seven Seas of Rhye" and something I can't quite place.
9. A Better Man
Probably highly personal material sounding less cheesy to the writer and who it's written for.

Disc 2

1. And This Time I'm Serious
After a minute, I've little idea where this song is heading. It sounds earnestly something.
2. Re-Inventing The Wheel
This track has been around, had development and it shows. A really nicely done ballad.
3. Blinded By Absinthe
Reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel, soft and melancholy.
4. Virtual Love
Similar to "A Better Man" ... I think you might have to be in a particular mood to appreciate.
5. Energetic O
Another one I get the feeling isn't done justice by the quality of the file, not the recording.
6. Where Did Everyone Go?
Part blues, part bar song. Think one guy sitting on a porch. Pleasant, but nothing amazing.
7. T.W.A.T.
Unfortunately, the Grubby Adipose Flange got there first with "All My Friends Are Cunts".
8. He's A Man
Poking fun at the inadequacies of domestic abusers everywhere, a noble enough cause.
9. The Dying Art Of The Chorus
Heartbeat-pumping number that could prove an unsuspected hit on dancefloors everywhere.
10. Same Again
Sanctuary don't seem to know about this. Or just don't feel inclined to give us a preview.

Considered opinion, bearing in mind these are fairly low-quality advance download clips: this is probably worth buying at some point for IALNAF, TUA, C&V, YM&BT, RITW and TDAOTC, but I doubt you or I are going to fall in love with this double album as a whole.

There's also the fact that these are mostly already-released tracks, with a few new ones to justify purchases by collectors. I hate this kind of thing; by all means collect b-sides as albums (I have Anthem: The Singles Tracks and Coupled With, and love both) but pressing people to rebuy for new material is a shitty marketing tactic that will make people question buying singles in future. I hope the additional songs get released on a single for the benefit of those who stuck with the singles club whilst it was in operation.

* * * * *

Whilst I'm in the swing of catching up with band releases that completely passed me by, did y'all know that 3 Colours Red put out a third album in 2004? Yup, the band who gave us the unrelenting 1997 Pure and heavily studio-produced 1999 Revolt pulled back together to release The Union Of Souls. Apparently it's a blend of the previous two albums plus a new direction... I'll reserve judgement until I hear it. Which may be never, as I bought Revolt without first hearing it and always rather regretted the decision.

Did come across this closing snippet in their press bio:

"3 Colours Red in 2004 are as absolutely essential as ever."

It seems obvious: anyone who has to say it isn't.

You can check out an MP3 download of "This Is Your World" at where there are also some downloads of past glories, including the ever-popular "Nuclear Holiday" in live and studio versions.

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