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2005-01-28 📌 Music, books and films I'm looking forward to in 2005.

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An album by The Crimea. There's already been one in the UK with limited distribution, but apparently a re-record / re-mix / new track version will be out in America this year. Having just heard some new material from the Cwps gig in January, it sounds as if it'll be great. Fans of heartfelt rock (which doesn't mean emo) should check them out. More »

A possible album by The Hot Puppies. We've had several top-notch singles, here's hoping for a longer-playing record from this Welsh assault on the senses. Their site's back up and revamped now. More »

A third album by Andrew W.K. Because I really enjoy his unselfconscious brand of party metal. The first album had the theme of celebration, the second victory. Wonder what's in store next? There'll probably also be a live album before new stuff. More »


A sequel to After the Fall in Peter David's Star Trek: New Frontier series. I picked up the latest chapter half price in hardback in the January sales, along with a hardback of previous volume Stone and Anvil which had a CD of all of the New Frontier stories prior to Being Human. Hopefully the sequel won't be another hardback-first release. More »

Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters by Ed Greenwood. It's been too long since I read any extended fantasy, and Ed Greenwood is consistently one of my favourites—if not favourite—in this genre. I might try to get caught up with other Forgotten Realms books, too. It was hard to get them in the UK for a long time (although Waterstones have tended to stock reprints of TSR classics now published by Wizards, Inc) and distribution still isn't good. Next time I'm up for paying £2.75 for postage on a paperback I'll hit Amazon Marketplace, or I may have a look on eBay first. More »


The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Looks as if it'll be as different to the books as the books (a trilogy in five parts) are to the radio shows, TV series and comics, whilst still staying true to the general feel of the... well, 'phenomenon' is the word that best fits. I have moderate expectations, and hope to be pleasantly surprised. More »

Batman Begins. They're going back to the feel of the first couple of films with this, or aiming to at least. With the Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul supposedly amongst the protagonists, and props straight from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, I'm hoping it'll all come together as the best rendition since 1992. Can't fail to do that, really. More »

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