Writing by others

The Bimble Book — The complete, epic and unedited chronicle of Aber by Jez.

The Rise And Fall Of Lola Martez — An undergraduate film project by Mark Horne.

Beneath the Valley of The Poseidon Adventure — A play by Pete Williams.

University writing class

This was taught by Patricia Duncker — always good craic if you get chance to hear her speak. Everyone else's output was generally far more interesting (and less crap) but even if I've still got the photocopies I doubt I could contact people now to get permission to include it. This may not stop me if I get around to it.

Side 1
01: Short Poem — "Life"
02: Sonnet — "Time Does Not Repeat"
03: Prose (subverting cliché) — "Power: Second (Final) Chapter"
04: Lyrics — "Punk '57-'79"
05: Free Verse — "Spooge Blare Forcibly"

Side 2
06: Ballad — "Why I Cannot Write Ballads"
07: Short Tale — "They do not know what I know about them."
08: Character Sketch — "Thatcher By Name, Percophile By Nature"
09: Description — "Meditation Upon The Transience Of Being, 11:27pm"
10: Dialogue —"Tessier Noir"

Older writings

Always on the Outside — Teen fiction I wrote at college for a test and very slightly revised for the site later.

Once Upon A Time — A secondary school assignment on the topic of using words to describe speech.