Really bad, and also pompous and preachy. The first section of the course was mainly poetry, to attempt to instill a knowing and controlled use of language. Previous to this... well, I hated most poetry, and my first submission evidences various things I hate about it. The brief was, having listened to a piece of music called Lento (often described as 'monolithic'), write a similarly repetitious piece. Had lots of nice vocab scribbled down in preparation, none of which lent itself to any form of poem... wrote it, read it to my girlfriend at the time, and she (very fairly) laughed. It was re-written slightly for the portfolio (having been castigated for use of archaisms and tonality), but basically I gave up on trying to make anything worthwhile out of it.


Tis best lived.
For though destined to end,
It's lightest borne by those who
Determine to strive.

Ahead and onward… dawning and rising

Suffer not
The pain of those who let
Fear, of loss, prevent embrace.
But rather give thyself.

Push things forward… soaring and being

Neither keen
Nor yearn for that elapsed.
Regret ye not time spent
In purpose found.

Press onward, struggling and reaching

Brief but blessed triumph!
Falling… into endless night.