Sonnets are supposedly a difficult and constrictive form to work with. Not really (in my opinion) — just get some graph paper or make a 14 x 10 table in a word processor, print it out and fit your syllables into this. Eventually you'll find that using the line length is fairly automatic. I still quite like the one I submitted, as it (apparently) combines elements of multiple traditional sonnet rhyme schemes, splitting thoughts over line endings in a slightly confused manner. Which suits the subject matter.

Time does not repeat

“Bugger, bugger, bugger.” I have uttered
this phrase in the manner of Hugh Grant too
long now. I pull my mind from the gutter
and lapse into a state where I see blue,
my nights spent wide awake alone in bed
I cannot sleep, because I know I should.
Too many thoughts are racing through my head;
an avalanche of maybes, words I could
have said to make my true mind known to you
perhaps then I should feel as if I tried,
yet failed, rather than this painful review,
which makes me wish either that I might die
before I wake, or shall rise to the light
of wrongs angels corrected overnight.