Archived pages

Old site designs — what was I thinking? [1998-2013]

APASS — TEFL in Poland, with a few resources that might still be of use to someone. [2003-2008]

PGCE Resources — An English/IT scheme of work and other bits. [2003]

Creative writing — not just by me, you'll be pleased to hear. [1992-2002]

University essays — because I'd have appreciated reading other people's at the time. [2000-2002]

Archived sites

Charlotte were a West Midlands trio peddling raucous sing-along punk in Stourbridge. [2001-2003]

Airstrip One was our college band, in which I was a (very bad) lead singer. [1998-1999]

Summerhill School yearbook — In which a few people made themselves unpopular by failing to lie about camping, drugs and sex ed, and swearing a couple of times. It raised £140 for charity, although I forget who that actually went to. Probably the Air Ambulance. [1997]

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