Poland's coat of arms

Anglo-Polish Academic Services

TEFL Summer Camps (and Family Placements)

"APASS is a fraternity of students, graduates, teachers and persons involved in disseminating
English language and British culture in Poland." So says their introductory letter, which also mentions that they don't have a website. There isn't much information online for the scheme, so here's some.

Note: The main organiser for APASS passed away in 2008. To the best of my knowledge, it's been wound up and camps and the Polish Ministry of Education have mainly built on existing links with other English-speaking countries to fill vacancies. You could try contacting Puławy though.

Archived resources on this site:

APASS flyer [PDF]
The contact details given won't now be valid.

2008 Information Pack [PDF]
Explanation and tips for packing and teaching, produced by my sister.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some pages by me, including a sample test for younger students.

Survival Polish for TEFL [PDF]
A joint effort with some useful words and phrases.

APASS 2005 Diary
Journal of experiences leading a camp a few years ago. More here: other years | photos.

[map of Poland]

Accounts / language stuff:

Article by Katherine Courts at Education.Guardian.co.uk

Accounts by students at Durham uni

Information about Polish cities

Basic free "listen and say" software

www.dict.pl and www.onet.pl

Some teaching resources:

Dave's ESL Cafe






TEFL teaching at www.guardian.co.uk

British Council Language Assistant Info

Learning English with BBC World Service