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2004-02-29 📌 This is not the blog you are looking for...

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Do or do not, there is no try… the force has been weak in me as far as blogging has been concerned. Well, the force has been quite watery in general, to be honest. But there are disturbances on the horizon… moving a little slowly, perhaps, but definitely in motion. Henceforth ends the Star Wars metaphor.

I don't much feel like explaining an awful lot, either. It's cold. Very cold, and heading gradually toward 3am, the coldest part of the night. Opening the curtains right now would ensure that what little heat there is in this room would bleed out in seconds. I feel shitty, in a drained way. I doubt very much if the slight cold I imported from Poland ever really left me… if anything, it probably mutated and spawned with whatever passes for vicious bacilli in this country. I should really dig out some Echinacea. That stuff seemed to work before. I've noticed that colds and related viruses seem to have gotten more tenacious in the last couple of years. Hardly anyone I know has avoided being laid low, most of them repeatedly so.

Not sure about you, but I feel colds in the shoulders and in the teeth. I don't think it helps that most of the walls in my room are technically external. Sticking a heater on has the nasty side effect that the air in here dries out. I'm sure it isn't healthy getting so little fresh air in here, having smoke wafting up from downstairs and probably accumulating more than a few germs of others and myself. Bah.

When things come to mind I want to write about, I should grab some paper rather than trying to commit them to memory…

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