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2003-06-02 📌 Site Update: Server move

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A couple of photos and some more blogging... not that this is a pattern or anything... although I have gone back and linked photo galleries to blog entries... :) I've also started sorting out some lesson resources I recently prepared and used...

However, mid-update, this became a server move and so, faced with uploading everything again on a flaky connection, I've been through editing a large number of pages and removing very old stuff (wallpapers, duplicates, fonts, unlinked files, old sig graphics.) Several megs of space have been reclaimed, which I'm very happy with overall.

So, the site is now hosted by PlugSocket (more information here.) I'd also like to thank Brendan for offering me space! 8) Hopefully there won't be any more problems, though...

💬 Comments are off, but you can use the mail form to contact or see the about page for social media links.