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2003-06-01 📌 You don't believe we're on the eve of destruction.

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Bloody feels like it, I can tell you. I've had my window open more or less contantly for the last week, and anyone who knows me will confirm that's a sure sign of the apocalyse and more than enough reason to listen to Barry McGuire... ;)

Summer appears to have come early... painfully stuffy whether the sun is out or not. Everything takes about four times longer, and the week has evaporated, leaving us with the evening before starting back at school. Time to organise frantically, but this is my tea break. DNS settings appear to have been transferred for virtualdebris.co.uk and should register globally within the next few days. I've been on a quick site-trimming session, removing content I feel has become redundant and generally tidying up the ol' place. The CGI aspects (such as the guestbook) may need some tinkering with as I can't test the modifications until the domain links to this server. Anyway, enough talk about the site for a while. Once things are back up and running, I'll mailshot everyone to say hi 'n' stuff... sorry to everyone I've been ignoring recently, so much was/is on... :|

Still, at least PGCE assignments are done now... just a few more assessments, an IT scheme of work to plan, reports & stuff to write, and we can enjoy the sun for a bit. :)

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