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2003-10-17 📌 Site Update: Clean start of site code, book reviews, Bimble book

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The entire site has been recoded from the bones up, this time with the addition of some seriously flexible PHP. I can now update the weblog without needing FTP access or having to mess around with HTML editors, for instance. All of the path-related saving issues have been solved, counters handled internally, etc. It takes time at first, but saves more later.

Some changes on the content side of things, too... a new bookshelf/ section for reviews, suggestions and links. Lots more weblog and some Poland photos. Various things have moved around, with notebook/ being designated for 'own' stuff and miscellany/ being used for quotes, articles and anything else. The gallery of site versions is now complete-ish.

I found The Bimble Book on an old CD, and hopefully Jez won't mind me including said partly biographical marvel here. I've added a little to the Death gallery. I've added links to BBC audio in the musicbox. I've written an article on MP3s. I've mirrored some essays. Found an old piece of writing. Reviewed the latest single by The Keys.

This update was made particularly late by a forced reinstall which lost a great deal of the MySQL data I'd completed for the blog and book reviews. To say that I was pissed off is an understatement—I try to make a point of keeping no important data on my OS/software partition. Just shows how hard interwoven file dependencies can be to keep track of... :(

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