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2003-10-17 📌 My review: The Keys - Love your Sons and Daughters (single)

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Love your Sons & Daughters

Track listing:

1. Love your Sons & Daughters
2. As Good As Glue
3. Echinacea

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Love Your Sons And Daughters is a very pleasant song. Turn it up and bask in laid-back bassy tones of a type uncommon since the late Sixties... of course, if you don't turn it up, you'll barely be able to hear anything. This disc has quite a few issues with mastering and production.

Following the trend, As Good As Glue is even quieter, the vocal being buried on one channel. This is a shame, as it's a glorious track once uncovered by volume compression (virtually a standard requirement when listening to Keys recordings, I find)... there's constant guitar feedback and distortion in the background, yet calm vocals and bass ensure the whole remains melodic.

Unfortunately, the recording of Echinacea presented here doesn't hold a candle to the version on the BBC website. Matth, I realise you want to do your own mastering, but at least sort out the volume problems before recording and submitting tracks to be pressed! And include slightly more vocals in your final mixes. It's downright frustrating when good music suffers from these kind of elementary production errors.

A full album is due soon, also on the Too Pure label, so time will see if things improve.


Lord, I receive, I receive I (am in the Lord)
And even though your rain is gonna fall
Lord, come with you, come with you my (family hold)
And even though the rain'll never go

So many tears, so many tears
Love your sons & daughters
So many fears, so many fears
Love your sons & daughters

Lord, I can see, I can see (your spirit bold)
And even though the rain is gonna flow
(Oh can you deal) with the devil when you've seen his soul
And even though the rain will never go


(Lord, I'm a sea, I'm a see you in spirit home)
And even though the rain is bound to fall
(Lord, gonna see like the cities that the dealers don't)
And even though (they're raining out the coze)


All these things I'll never (learn)
All comes down to the state I'm in
Less I worry 'bout the more I (earnt)
Living in our dreams like heroin


All is dark but I must be brave
Curtains drawn for fifteen days
In my heart I can hear her say
I'm alone but I'm not (her slave)
I'll be there if she leads me there it's true
I'm still fond of you
There's a door that's open wide
But I just can't step outside
In my room I can say a prayer
It's so alive that I'm (not in there)
Give your hand I can take you there from view
'Cause our two hearts are true
It's a good as glue
(Holding) it together
Stronger a bond
When will our paths...
The darkness comes on
The lights are so low
And I don't belong
So I'm singing this song
To (bring her)
And I'm coming
When two hearts are true
It's as good as glue


Caught you saying something with your smile
I tell by the look of your eyes
It was goodbye
You gave me echinacea
But it could't cure this cold
Out of sight but you're always in my mind
I knew by your mother's eyes
It was goodbye
An infatuation
Which left us all in tears

Goodbye... goodbye... goodbye... goodbye...

All lyrics are, naturally, copyright the band.

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