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2002-10-24 📌 Site Update: Still using client-side includes

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Since I've been using my laptop more (in 1024x768), the lack of a centred-column format grew to irritate me. Fortunately, the content block management system I'm using allows me to re-skin by editing only one or two files... next, however, I need to hardcode the domain-name into each page title; a task I may save until I have faster access again at Christmas. I still don't want to move to server-side includes...

Content-wise, just more blog updates. As I get further into my PGCE course, I'll try to collate lesson-plans, links and resources for English teaching onto the site. 8)

Incidentally, I've fixed the problem with the blog 'page root' which arose because that section doesn't use a fixed index.php-this now always returns to the main site index. This uses the sub-section management already in place. Yay! :smokin:

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