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2002-11-01 📌 If ye cannae do it, how d'ya expect the kids to?

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Since I set 7E the task of writing biographical acrostic poems a while ago, I thought it only fair if I came up with a couple of examples myself. I toyed with the idea of trying to get an interactive whiteboard organised in the computer room, but figured it was just one more thing to go wrong… anyway, rather than consign these to hard disk oblivion, here ya go… first, a statement poem (one sentence per line):

Denyer: Dead first thing in the morning.
Denyer: Easier to cook for now.
Denyer: Never going as far as the moon.
Denyer: Your worst nightmare!
Denyer: Entranced by shiny things.
Denyer: Responsible for this poem.

However, this can produce rather irrelevant biography, since the statements made tend to lack context or fail to link to each other. Slightly harder is run-on poetry, mapping a thought over a sentence or two whilst finding words to break lines on…

Denyer is how I introduce myself, but
Everyone usually thinks I'm saying 'Daniel.'
Normally they think it's a bit of an odd first name, too,
Yet it isn't one—I just prefer to use my surname.
Everywhere there are lots of Stuarts, whereas there
Really aren't many people called DENYER.

Anyway, the above blog entry title was my first thought upon reading a split-sentence example acrostic... but I think it's something worth generally bearing in mind. If I'm not clear about what I want a class to do, there's even less chance they will be. :)

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