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1999-02-28 📌 Site Update: Web rings

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Hopefully my brand spanking new JavaScript pop-up site index gadget will work on-line with MSIE! (it's a bit temperamental off-line—only directs to the right window if you started browsing by double- clicking an HTML file, rather than running the browser via a shortcut. It works fine on Navigator.) [ADDENDUM: IE 5 doesn't seem to have this problem.]

Incidentally, the site's been off-line for a short while as I've been uploading this time... Sorry. The reasons for this are: 1. Trying to FTP when half the planet's on-line (at about 9:30pm) is a bit slow, so I had to give up. 2. College time is limited, and I'm probably having to use the web interface, which lets you upload four files at a time. There are over 200 files on this site... A-a-a-a-rgh!

I'm on a web ring. The "Local Ring" is an idea dreamed up by Nick and Jake to enable KEC students to find each others' pages easier—particularly after we've left college. If you need the 'local' bit explained, watch BBC2's greatly disturbing comedy, The League of Gentlemen. I've redesigned most of the index pages, as well as doing that essay on RPGs and the occult, typing up some 3 Colours Red lyrics, adding to existing pages, fiddling with graphics, etc. There's now loads of photos of the band on the Airstrip One section! (Although still no pertinent information which isn't out-of-date.)

The yearbook has been given a technical facelift—as well as breaking out of inappropriate frames, if anyone tries to load a single article sans contents bar (eg, via a hyperlink or search engine), they'll be taken to the main "cover" page. Also, the money raised's finally been donated to charity.

This may be the last upload for a while, unless I decide to keep the structure of the site as it is and just update the files that NEED updating, plus any new ones. It might just work... these are, of course, famous lasts words, and ones which I will probably come to regret in the fullness of time.

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