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1999-03-30 📌 Site Update: More band stuff I think

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Not much time to spare at the moment (exams, wouldn't ya know?) So far I've been tying up loose ends—writing up the last couple of Airstrip One gigs, updating some pages, etc. I've tidied up the web design tips, added stuff to the useful software list, revamped the fantasy section—that sort of stuff. New fiction added! (It's actually vaguely original this time! Insofar as anything written is. Titled "On The Outside", it's a brief foray into youthful vampirism; it's actually a reworked English essay...)

The Airstrip One band pages have had a serious overhaul, both visually and content-wise. Pete's written some endearing stuff about the band, which takes pride of place in that section, and our index page now won't make you want to physically vomit at its sheer naffness.

I'll be using the Verdana font for most new pages, but the old ones won't get replaced immediately (if ever), 'cos it takes too long to upload replacements, and college internet access is rather dodgy right now. Fall-back "Arial", and/or "sans-serif".

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