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2003-04-17 📌 Now I know how Ultra Magnus felt. Dammit.

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The only thing I really want to do is curl up into a ball and sleep. Forever. No, not quite forever. Just for a very long time. Thing is, I know myself well enough to know that isn't particularly real. It's because holiday time is running out. Because I haven't eaten yet today. Because my sleeping pattern is, well, a little bit bollocksed. Most of all because I'm walking the thin line between actually having a cold and not quite having a cold but feeling rather phlegmatic anyway. Times like this that a survival instinct needs help.

I've been back from Aber three days. Yesterday my family came over to visit. 8) And, I actually have ideas for lessons and stuff like that. I just feel rather... blegh. I don't need anything other than to know that it will pass... eh, maybe something to jolt me back into action would help. I'm going to start by turning off all of the house heaters, opening curtains and getting some air into the place. Song now playing: The Crocketts—Lucifer. In fact, The Great Brain Robbery is growing on me as an album... I still don't think it was a considered release in some respects—there's a gulf between some of its tracks and EP/single stuff such as Mrs Playing Dead—but it fits around its companion releases and I'm not regretting the decision to expand to collecting stuff after from the We May Be Skinny And Wirey era. "If we don't remember then the dead will rise again to kick our fucking heads in for not remembering." And 1939 has loomed large recently.

(A realisation I've come to is that it doesn't ever really occur to me that Davey's lyrics don't make sense or have obvious interpretations. Guess I learnt something over the course of—or in spite of—my educational career, then... ;) ) Feck, I should really dust this keyboard. The screen's pretty filthy, too. In fact, the whole room could do with a good freshening, relatively tidy though it might be. Yes, I have purpose! I also have the first four series of Friends in DivX format as background noise if I want it... hmmm.

PS: Incidentally, Aber was a cool and much-appreciated break. Hi, people! *waves* :smokin:

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