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2003-04-09 📌 Aberystwyth, Mon Amour... how distant art thou...

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Today is turning into a very mediocre adventure. I should have been travelling since just after 8am—no prizes for guessing that that fell through—and in Aber by about 1pm.

This is what happened instead:

Finished essay (finally) at about 3-4am. Said goodbyes to flatmates by way of a Jez-inspired note about penguins, stapled to my door (the note, not me.) Crawled out of bed at around [there are notes missing here] started walking into Manordeilo at about half-three. Sat down at bus-stop and was just registering (read: looking at the time-table properly) that the bus to Carmarthen stopped in Llandeilo for half-an-hour (great! I thought—I can get cash, water and chocolate from the Co-op) when an electrical contractor slammed into the van in front of his, jettisoning a bumper a couple of metres away from me. Not sure whose fault it was, since I looked up at the sound of screeching brakes. Read prefaces and chapter one of Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Caught bus and popped down to Co-op in Llandeilo, finding the cashpoint out of order and forgetting both chocolate and water, opting instead for the only PC magazine available and a multipack of wine gums.

Note to self: remember in future, however desperate you are for reading material, that PC Advisor is a bag of wank.

Ate first packet of wine gums and got back on the bus. Got into Carmarthen at 5:45, finding most of town deserted and the rest trying to be. Decided to brave the Wimpy hidden next to Ottakers. Mistake, as I had been planning to kill time in Tesco after looking around MVC for Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet. Discovered that they were closing in ten, availed myself of their facilties and have just eaten an over-priced chicken burger in the bus station. Still, the staff were friendly even if the eaterie has been caught in a time-warp of 80's Americana. Am strongly considering going to get beer from Tesco at some unspecific time ...damn soon. Bah.

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