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2003-03-24 📌 Irritating limitations of cascading style sheets

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Yes, I know, for those of you with no interest in webdesign (or computers in general) this is turning into "Denyer's technical mumbo-jumbo column"... read other entries... :p

I have, for some time, been trying to get the smilies (eg, :) ) I use on my pages to vertically align automatically and correctly through the use of a CLASS="smiley" subtag and an associated entry in the global .css used for the site. I've tried using the 'margin-top', 'margin-bottom' and 'vertical-align' properties, but the first two don't pertain to padding relative to the line of text an image occupies and the latter applies primarily to text. There's no equivalent of the align=middle or VSPACE=1 subtags which can be attached to an IMG tag—or, if there is, they've passed me by. I'd be gratified to discover I was wrong about this. Until then, I simply have to refrain from changing the default paragraph line-height from 17 pixels, or semi-manually update many pages...

Is it not a logical extension of the model to allow for the cascading assignation of any subtag by this method, by allowing 'subtag-######' to correspond with those subtag properties current and as-yet undreamed of... hmmm? It'd make sense to me! :smokin: Solutions would be appreciated, should anyone happen to have any...

[ Apologies, BTW, I'm getting a little behind in both writing and uploading blog entries. ]

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