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2003-03-22 📌 Problems saving webpages in Internet Explorer 6.0

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This is intensely irritating. I'm running Windows 2000 Professional and would quite like to be using Internet Explorer 6.0 to take advantage of the image tools and lockable bars. However, I've tried copies from various sources, and all of them share one recurrent fault: full pages and webarchives cannot be saved if a page (or a subpage in an IFRAME) includes a Cascading Style Sheet which is linked to on a different server. :mad:

This is a known fault affecting, for example, use of many bulletin boards and other sites which utilise dynamic content. It also seems to affect all operating systems. Basically, what this reduces to is that I cannot upgrade and still be able to save pages from my favourite sites. It is, to summarise, a bloody stupid and unnecessary bug, which had better be fixed for the next minor revision MS attempts to pass off as a major upgrade.

Slightly more on this can be found at: http://groups.google.co.uk/...&rnum=5 . . . it's an entirely reproducible phenomenom, unfortunately. Critical updates also have no effect.

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