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2007-04-04 📌 A conspiracy theory about all those essays set in schools

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Something from Scott Adams via Dan Q (congrats on the non-marriage):

I've always been bad at arguing for points I don't believe in — I'm thinking back specifically to a whole-class debate exercise on euthanasia about ten years ago. I wasn't on the side of those arguing against it, but felt very sorry for those who were.

I can see how this would work from the general perspective... reviewing things, be they music, books or whatever, I tend to appreciate them more than if I hadn't. A partial corollary is that that no-one tends to review stuff they don't like or dislike, unless they've already committed themselves to doing so, or they're made to. That element of obligation being there, though, the survey results seem reasonable for a topic such as writing about a person, even a person initially disliked. It's already well-known that touch — such as hands accidentally brushing — tends to leave a more favourable impression, as long as there isn't a strong existing negative association working against.

(Scott Adams scares me, almost as much as rusting metal in black water. Tacked onto the end of a book about his life and drawing Dilbert — The Dilbert Future I think it was — was a pseudo-religious closing section on the subject of affirmations. Not just to do with building up confidence, but affecting the outcome of events.)

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