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2008-06-15 📌 My review: The Hot Puppies - Somewhere

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Track listing:

1. Somewhere
2. Where The Werewolves Meet

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If you're wondering what the band have been up to with releases since single King of England last year, they're currently having a rest while Becky and Bert become parents (congrats to them) which at a guess will probably set a release and tour for second album Blue Hands as some point in 2009.

Meanwhile, a semi-acoustic live EP is apparently due (also on Purr Records) this summer. Purr's site seems to think this will be called Blue Hands, but I'm guessing it's just a title mix-up.

[2008-06-18: from the mailing list, "Blue Hands will finally be released on 22nd September! We'll have more details nearer the time, but it will be available in all good record shops and online. Woohoo! Bec & Beth will also be releasing their debut EP, 'Where we are from the birds sing a pretty song', on Purr records on 25th August."]

Somewhere has old-school musical written all over it, not least in the opening sharing a rising first word with Over The Rainbow and having stacks of ruby-red shoed feet on the cover. This is an altogether more knowing composition, backed with pulsing beats and carefully-controlled instrumental roiling. John the Baptist's head gets another namecheck in the lyrics, which seems to be a bit of an obsession — anyone know why?

Where The Werewolves Meet is an interesting frame for moonlight romance (also a running theme in Puppies' songs) ably carried by some sensual dirty bass and gentle guitar/keyboard pieces.

Somewhere is available now from for a very reasonable £2.50 inc. postage.

An afterword on releases... the vinyl and download formats appear to have been put out first, which of course means that early-release CD copies (necessary for listening stations in-store, review copies and comp copies for radio) traded hands for slightly inflated sums the label didn't see any money from. Meanwhile, from the label perspective they have difficulty getting CD singles into brick and mortar stores — HMV stores removed their sections for these a while back, reinstating them after complaints. The Beeb point out Woolies will discontinue them in a couple of months, and that sales are now about a tenth of what they were eight years ago.

Vinyl gets some niche sales (especially for dance music) but this is, IMO, just a distraction from the singles market being near dead and collector-only these days. People would rather just buy downloads of the one or two tracks they like from an album. At least until the first time they have a catastrophic hardware failure...

Not to put too fine a point on it, this sucks for fans of bands who release good b-sides. However, since promo CDs are required for marketing purposes, there's decent PR to be had if the labels sell promos directly to fans or offer them for other online stores. I'm not even too fussed if these come on CD-R, though pressed is far preferred as the media lasts longer.

Anyway, this is a return to form for the Pups, so get yer singles whilst they still exist.


Somewhere there's a deserted radio station
Playing all the hits we used to know
Somewhere there's a bar serving every drop
Of every drop of every drink we've ever drunk
Oh, I never said I'd take you there
I choose my words with care
I only said that I would... take... you...

I have John the Baptist's head
I looked into his eyes
I thought that I saw newborns
In all the doorways of his star(e)
Oh, we couldn't split it in half
Only made a little crack
Said it can't be done, oh god, let's never go back
And never forget
That when he tried to raise the dead...
Every wasted breath can take you
Somewhererererere, open your eyes, we have arrived
This is somewhere you can fire off your gun
Vanilla dammerung
We can build our fires and try
To find a new way to be young...

WHERE THE WEREWOLVES MEET Kiss me when the cities burn Kiss these flaming hands Cut my hair like Tyrell Power (?) Kiss me like you'd kiss a man Turn me out when the traders use their tools To thump out some weird beat Kiss me when the cities burn Kiss me where the werewolves meet Kiss me like the rubber baron Kisses his rubber wife Kiss me when the factory doors Clang-a-lang-lang for the last time And all the boys come bouncing home With all the rubber they'll ever need Do it when the cities burn Kiss me where the werewolves meet Oo, that's just the way I like You to hold me, hold me Underneath the moaning street my love Oh, doesn't it feel, doesn't it feel Like we're made of molten sin my love Our bodies burning, we're screaming And rolling through the street tonight We cordon her (?) by the dawn's virgin light Kiss me like the faithless wife And a gypsy at the river Hold me like the hangman Holds himself together Kiss me like every lover I'll never get to meet Kiss me when the cities burn Kiss me where the werewolves meet Oo, kiss me where the werewolves meet Kiss me where the werewolves meet Kiss me when the cities burn Kiss me where the werewolves meet

All lyrics are, naturally, copyright the band.
Transcribed by ear. Feel free to offer corrections.

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