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2003-01-16 📌 The Little Computer That Could [/Douglas Adams]

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Okay, let's try this out. What might 'this' be, you ask? 'This' is the fact that I'm currently typing this using only my thumbs on the Psion 3a I've just acquired. So far, the only thing bothering me is that the apostrophe character is hidden above the '5' key... but it works. It works great. So, my thanks to Douglas and Andrew for the recommendations and advice! I consider myself in good company. :smokin:

The hinge fault (this isn't first-hand: the 3a originally appeared about nine years ago, though 2Mb models are a little more recent) seems perfectly reassured by the affixation of a couple of layers of insulation tape, and the keyboard ain't bad at all—obviously it's never going to be as fast a proposition as the real thing, but it keeps up with my typing (unlike the POS 'email organiser' Dixons tried to sell me) and has proper page-up/down buttons. Tapping away on this thing gives me enough time to consider, but I'm generally not staring at a flashing cursor. That's a nice balance.

Next on the agenda, of course, is a hard case—which will cost painfully close to what I paid for the palmtop itself—but since I very seriously intend never to be without one in the future, I regard both as an investment. (And, usefully, the hard-as-nails drop-tested ones fit both the 3 and 5 ranges.) Hopefully this particular Psion will last a long time—I mean, I'm not the kind of person who opens one every five seconds to check appointments... this has been bought purely as a portable writing pad—I just have to keep it out of harm's way, really.

And, on the bright side, I now have the charger, link cable and more software than I'm ever going to need (or indeed even look at)... the software is probably even 'duplicate-and-sellable', if current eBay listings are anything to go by. Dammit, I could use a portable CD writer... oh, and as a complete aside, I utterly love the way this thing powers back up on the document you were working on...

This may herald a greater frequency of blogging... just don't hold your breath, kids... ;)

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