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2003-02-07 📌 All together now, "Boring, boring Super Dave..."

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Okay, I'm giving myself about thirty minutes to type as much about happenings of the previous fortnight as possible... item one on the agenda: colds suck. The cold sucks. It has been very, very cold in Aberystwyth. I might as well get the whining section of this entry out of the way now: in addition to my immune system occupying a relatively foetal position somewhere in a corner of reality, I have some lovely aches and bruises thanks to bouncing down campus off black ice... funny how everywhere is gritted apart from halls, isn't it? Anyway, I staggered onto a bus heading in the opposite direction to where I was supposed to be, discovered it fortuitously went full circle back to town, and was surprisingly only fifteen minutes late for my seminar...

Another bites the dust; :(  Why is it I usually feel more upset about pets than people?

Lots of people came across to Aber. Lou, Jess, Jonny and Lisa have all been welcome faces; not that everyone else is pig-ugly or smells or anything, just that it's nice to have visitors... hopefully they weren't put off too much by the weather or relative paucity of winter-time amusements; still, I think fun was had. Hi people! :)

We've finished English seminars, which is scary. Margaret's an inspector, meaning she has duties next week, so we've caught up the time we anticipated missing over the past few weeks; thus the next week is going to be Drama, EPS, doing assignment work and spending quality time with Aberystwythians. I also want to get as many lesson ideas, resources and such-like prepared as possible, so I don't plan on being any less busy. I definitely plan on getting more sleep, though... er, speaking of which, does anyone know what the maximum safe or recommended limit of Red Bull is? *whistle*