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2003-02-15 📌 Moving on is easy / Being strong is simple

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Aw, fuck… there just isn't enough time. :(

Not so much for doing things, but for conversations. Sometimes I forget there's a world inside my own head, let alone everyone else's, and those worlds are fascinatingly rich and complex.

As ever, the feeling is: we've only just found each other, and already it's time to go. This goes for a number of people, by the way; it isn't some kind of creepy adolescent fixation on any particular individuals.

Conversely (and I'm writing this paragraph later, after the dust has settled and I was kicked out of Cwrt Mawr at some ungodly hour of the morning), sometimes it's just time to go, and prodding is required. It's certainly better to go out on a positive note and not outstay one's assumed familiarity. I may have said this before, but I still find it true: it isn't just the times together upon which friendships are based. It's the times apart, the realisation that you're missing people, and that haze of memory upon reunion which helps to erase petty differences and disagreements. :)

I guess I just want to say to a lot of people: I haven't forgotten you. Especially if I owe you mail—my short term memory is variable, but long term is just fine. It kicks in every time I can't form coherent sentences, regular as an atomic clock…

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