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2002-03-20 📌 Site Update: PC upgrade and band stuff

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I've upgraded my PC, making it much nicer to work with... and I got myself a camera!* New photos! Finally switched to banner ads rather than pop-ups, too... and the Charlotte band pages have returned to Tripod, gaining fourteen new MP3s including two interviews and 12 live tracks! This gig material can be downloaded here. It's lots better than previous recordings! Go take a listen! :)

* Well, actually, I bought a webcamera, sold it to my flatmate, and bought a cheap digital camera. That's how long it's been since I updated this place.

I've added a page of Grimlock images and stuff (more to come!), and my CV has made a return, updated and expanded. Check out the e-Quiz, slightly updated free software guide, and associated bit in webdesign/... lots more good intentions to come, but very little time. There's also the start of a short poems collection, and other quotes. The informational marijuana leaflet has been converted to HTML for your convenience.

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