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2003-01-26 📌 That is why I'm gonna keep running... -Oasis

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Woo... don't feel like reading, but can't stand sitting around either... although the book is rather good—David Baddiel, Whatever Love Means—I'm just not really in the mood for wry and insightful social comment. It'll keep whilst I type.

It's been an expectedly crazy week, very uni-ish, very remeniscent of First Year antics (this is currently the phrase of choice to cover situations in which things feel new and slightly deliriously out-of-control. The kind of situations which best explained with the old reliable, "well, why not?") Time is also on a blur-into-one kick, so fuck knows if this is even in chronological order, really...

Anyway, we invited Kate into the fold sometime earlier this week, although most people were a bit the worse for wear by the time we got down the hill, let alone had blagged Dan's TV and PS2 and persuaded it not to feedback us straight to hell... this was followed by Anna's suggestion that we buy Gaz porn to calm the chap down a bit, its purchase and that of a party pack of mini Jammie Dodgers, and Anna's ambiguous squeal of "Tear and share my ass!" Laura, meanwhie, now lists This Life amongst her addictions (the others being left to the imagination of the gentle reader, to whom the phrase "I'm going to Bristol to have sex!!!" will be innocently incompehensible. ;) )

The week's been rather weird in uni as well... the heating's on full whack on the top floor of the old college, so our seminars are held in deliriously sauna-like conditions and we've been laughing hysterically due in no small part to oxygen-deprivation. We're covering a lot of material in spite (or possibly because) of this, though.

Friday we wound up at a totally random birthday party for someone none of us had met... which, as Gaz pointed out, far surpassed in organisation anything we ever did over the last three years (plan tending to run to: get mashed or watch other people do so.) Sometime during the evening, it was suggested everyone go down to Bristol and it seemed like a good idea. So, here we are. :) *waves*

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