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2007-11-29 📌 Routine casting of a net for text editors and other stuff...

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Typing this in Notepad++ ... current editor of choice for basic tasks. Its lack of 'proper' regular expressions (the Scintilla component only handles text as single lines) is an issue for serious use, but with a little setup — no bold or different fonts in the syntax highlighting, thanks, and experimenting with Consolas as a font — plus a two-pane Explorer plugin for file-browsing, it's a lot nicer than I remember. I'm sure something'll spoil it in due course, probably the lack of stacking for tabs or if I can't find a shortcut to close the current HTML tag on request (a convenience much-appreciated by users of editors such as Dreamweaver and jEdit) but for now it'll do.

NoteTab is still system replacement for Notepad, and jEdit for working with lots of files simultaneously. Treepad keeps scrapbook-type stuff. Those who want an editor to write in, with no distractions such as styles, toolbars or menus visible, might like Q10.

FTP clients... with Filezilla stuck between the slightly buggy 2 and feature-incomplete 3 development strand, I've looked elsewhere. WinSCP was originally an SFTP client, but now supports the older standard as well. Linked folders and a basic built-in editor make for a pleasant experience, and if the modal nature of the app (it doesn't handle flaky FTP servers gracefully, taking away user control for an alert when a connection times out) changes, which is apparently to happen, it'll be a near-perfect app.

XnView is beginning to somewhat annoy now that I'm dealing with filenames that include Latin-2 characters, but Unicode support is in the development pipeline... and a lot of other software seems to have similar problems (MS Paint doesn't, for what it's worth.) Anyone recommend any freeware image browsers with support for foreign characters?

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