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2003-05-03 📌 Our shower sucks yeOOge donkey balls...

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...yeah, I know, it isn't a particularly noteworthy entry in the catalogue of human misery, but it's annoying the hell out of us. Something to bring to our landlady's attention sooner rather than later... 'tepid' is about as warm as it gets - in addition to which, the ambient temperature in general has dropped over the last fortnight. Not fluffy. Not fluffy at all. :dead:

Ellie still hasn't come back... if there's no sign in a day or two, we really need to try to track down a phone number. Hopefully nowt too serious, anyway. :|

As I may have mentioned (just once or twice) in these here blogs... I hate colds. Bah, bah, and indeed thrice bah. Therefore, this week has seen many attempted early nights (typically failed), much consumption of orange juice (and force-feeding myself... appetite's pretty non-existent)... if it doesn't improve soon, I'm going to try pickling the damn thing. Amidst all of this, in spite of no musical training and a heavy dose of phlegm, richard and myself have been convinced to join the school choir. Bwahaha. Thank fuck this is a bank holiday weekend and we don't have to work Saturday. :)

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