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2024-06-09 📌 Tesco and fifteen minute parking fines

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Tesco have fewer 24hr stores since 2020, but many are open 24/7 for petrol and other services like air/screenwash, car washes and recycling points. (With some problematic exceptions, such as sometimes switching off machines on bank holiday periods when the entire country is travelling).

They also have a policy of trying to swindle customers out of £40-70 via third party administered penalty charge notices to use those services at certain times of day. From Facebook complaints droid 'Andy': "There is a 3 hour maximum stay at our [location] car park. 3 hours max stay 6am-1900pm, 1.5 hours 1900-12am and 15 mins out of hours."

This doesn't seem to be true either, "out of hours" is referring to the main store only and Sundays etc have different opening hours so people have been caught by this at e.g. 8:30am.

First, pedantically but obviously, there isn't an out of hours if they're selling services 24 hours a day.
Second, a stupidly short period such as 15 minutes heavily discriminates against elderly and disabled customers, as well as any customer using more than one service such as fuel plus other machines.
And I suppose third, evenings are when a lot of elderly and disabled customers shop to avoid crowds and an hour and a half isn't much time for those customers to get around a store compared to the normal three hours.

This is by no means an unique experience.

Tesco are also apparently notorious with EV drivers for arranging for Horizon and other companies to try to PCN customers for using charge points.

Seriously, fuck Tesco sideways with shears.

Not that Asda are particularly more ethical but they do still seem to have stores locally that are 24hr for most of the week and pay-at-pump.

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