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2023-12-31 📌 Project Zebra: Which is more important to society, creativity or cooperation?

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This entry is part of my Project Zebra series covering migration to Linux for personal computing use.

Title reference: Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire, Dave Plumber. Nothing to do with money although the anecdotes about working in Silicon Valley are fascinating and I recommend his YouTube channel, which he started as challenge to himself and has recently featured discussions with people such as Raymond Chen and Dave Cutler:

And I think the question could use re-framing. It's more a case of which the respondent thinks is more important, or which is more important to progress. It's one of those ones where most people will know the "right" answer even if they don't actually believe that it is or should be right.

Also read recently: Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders which has none of the carelessness reviews of other late era Mortimer books mention, it's genuinely a great telling of something only referred to in passing in other stories. And half of Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief History by Janina Ramirez, which offers C14th historical context and discussion I wish I'd had when studying the anchoress's intriguing Revelations of Divine Love at university.

Anyway, quick end-of-year entry to clear out notes. Linux... Plasma 6 continues to sound positive, and I'm still probably going to stick with the 24.04 LTS of Kubuntu until a verdict's in provided that the last release of Plasma 5 doesn't include any breaking changes.

Speaking of which, PHP8.x includes more breaking changes. It's difficult to recommend any language with such short support periods. This is the same problem that desktop environments like Gnome or browsers such as Firefox have, except those are inherently more transitory things. It requires a lot of trust in a language as a stable platform to commit to producing software with it, and PHP doesn't feel like that. It's bad enough that Microsoft is trying to kill off VBScript, a perfectly cromulent and ubiquitous technology from the 90s. - I've not used Cinnamon (Gnome 3 fork) or Mate (Gnome 2) much, because equally established environments like KDE Plasma and Xfce exist and feel distinctly more configurable, but it's good to see the Mint project facing down change threats in the Linux ecosystem like Wayland, Snaps, systemd etc and engaging on their own terms. It's also important to remember that everything else has change threats too, Xfce being a very small community plus distros typically filling gaps with some Gnome components, and KDE pinning itself to Qt as a dependency.

Bought my first CD player in a while, a refurb Oak castle CD100 portable which does Bluetooth to go with the speakers I have set up for use with tablets (Philips SPA2210 USB ones with an added receiver). Found r/Cd_collectors where kids seem to be rhapsodising about thrifting their first CDs, mostly 90s and 00s metal, and now feel ancient with about a thousand stored and ripped. I sort of forget what a large stack of cases looks like unless there's a lot I haven't gotten around to ripping.

Set up the ebook backends in Okular to use Droid Sans Fallback, which seems to have good kerning and line-spacing (apparently primarily intended for displaying a wide range of languages with non-latin alphabet characters, including >40K of them, but it's also a very clear readable sans serif font).

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