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2022-10-28 📌 Alternative to Universal Tool Adapter for the original Leatherman Wave

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The Leatherman Wave was introduced in 1998. Its successor, the new Wave, appeared in 2004 with locking inside tools, a changeable bit holder, ruler markings and IIRC stainless rather than carbon steel. Circa 2018 the Wave+ added replaceable wire cutter blades. I don't really keep track these days; I've had the first two models for years, and with the RRP on the Wave+ currently at £134.95 I have to say that unless you're seriously into multitools if you want something better than a generic I'd try the Bibury knock offs of the Wave that have appeared since its patent expired, which typically show up on Amazon for about a hundred quid less but I got one of their others on Black Friday sale for sixteen and it seems like a solid tool albeit much chunkier than the Wingman styling it seems to have in the product photos. There are knock offs close to the Wave+ by Swiss+Tech (aka Hang Zhou) and more too, I might do a further post on this.

Anyway, a quick tip: if you have an original Wave then instead of tracking down the rare and also discontinued Leatherman Universal Tool Adapter you can slot a key chain 1/4 inch screwdriver hex bit holder over the large flat head screwdriver and the ring will hold it tightly. Unless you plan on applying a ridiculous amount of torque it should tighten or loosen most screws, and the outside of the holder rotates and makes using it even easier.

Being heavy with locking blades, these sort of things don't get carried much. My EDC is: Victorinox Waiter (knife and corkscrew plus can/bottle opener with minor other uses), Fisher Bullet space pen, house keys with carabiner and Swisscard quattro screwdriver. Car keys: canvas cutter, carabiner, tag, store fob. Pouch: Style PS, flathead/Philips drivers, keys inc. Hafele Symo 3000 MK3+0001 / LF92 TIP1 modified master / LF35 master, short spoon, disposable biros, cash, watch screwdriver, file+saw from a cheap tool bolted together.

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