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2003-05-26 📌 Yet more BargainHost problems... smegging hell...

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Well, BargainHost have suffered yet another outage and, at time of typing, I've yet to discover whether the server has accepted or bounced any e-mail sent to me within the last four days. The site is still down, as is my mail. I shan't bore you with a lengthy rant or discussion of the problems this causes (read this if bothered)—all I wish to add is that, with the issue of mail receipt uncertainty, I cannot recommend their services. :(

The official notifications are reproduced below:

Author: admin
Time: 24-5-2003-12:13

Subject: Network Outage

Announcement: Please accept our apologies for loss of service from approx 5:30pm this evening to 12pm we had to carry out some emergency maintenance work on our servers.

Most of our service has been restored now, there is still some intermittent problems with servers 1 & 3 but we are working to resolve this problem at the moment.

We apologise for this downtime but these improvements that we have been making to our servers will prevent further downtime in the future.

Thankyou for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards,
IT Manager: James Innes

Author: admin
Time: 22-5-2003-6:04

Subject: Kernel failure on server one.

Announcement: Please accept our apologies for problems with server one, this morning we were doing a routine reboot on server one and it failed to start up again.

We have located the problem with kernel software, we are working on restoring server one by re-installing kernel software.

Please bear with us while we fix the problem, we cannot estimate when installation will be complete but we wil try to keep downtime to a minimum.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards,
IT Manager: James Innes

I wish I could believe that it won't happen again over the next year... however, I need a replacement POP3 provider for mail facilities, and I may as well begin to work out transfer of my domain name as well to make site relocation easy when the time comes.

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