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2009-05-10 📌 Recommended software list, 2009 edition

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Further down is a list of small portable applications.

Office, graphics, text

Free office apps: | AbiWord | TopOCR | The Font Thing | WordWeb PDF tools: Bullzip PDF Printer | Foxit Reader | GUIPDFTK | PDF Image Extract Text editors & note management: jEdit | Notepad++ | NoteTab Light | TreePad Lite Image management: XnView | IrfanView | CDisplay | ComicRack Graphics packages: Paint.NET | GIMP | PhotoPlus SE | Inkscape (vector)

Sound, video, burning

CD ripping: Exact Audio Copy + LAME MP3 tools: RazorLame | MP3Gain | Mp3TagTools | GSpot | MP3AlbumMaker Audio players & editors: 1by1 | Winamp | mp3DirectCut | CoolEdit96 | Audacity Disc burning: ImgBurn (data/image) | DeepBurner Free (multisession) | Burrrn (audio) DVD tools: DVDFab | DVD Shrink | HandBrake | DVD Flick | ImgTool Classic | DVD Styler Video tools: Avidemux | VirtualDub | SubRip | Subtitle Workshop | AsfTools | Lame ACM Media players: VLC | Media Player Classic | ProgDVB + GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder

Browse, chat, online

Security: AVG (antivirus) | Comodo (firewall) | Spyware Terminator Web development: EasyPHP | FireFTP | MySQL-Front Browsers: Firefox | Opera | Iron | Internet Explorer Collection | Lynx Communication: Thunderbird | Skype Downloading: DownloadEmAll | HTTrack | NetTransport | uTorrent

System utilities

Tray utilities: The Wonderful Icon | SpeedFan | TrayWizard | TClockEx | KatMouse Security: Password Safe | Cobian Backup | TrueCrypt | Eraser | Sandboxie | TweakUI File management: 7-Zip | Unlocker | TeraCopy | Bulk Rename Utility | ICE Mirror HJSplit | Folder Size | PropertiesPlus | Alcohol 52% Free | WinRAR | Grab Path Data recovery: PC Inspector File Recovery | Recuva | HxD Window management: allSnap | VirtuWin | Executor | EndItAll | Sizer | Shutter Process management: Autoruns | Process Explorer Drive management: Paragon Hard Disk Manager SE | WD Diagnostics | HD LLF System maintenance: PageDefrag | O&O Defrag Free | JkDefrag | CleanAfterMe

Portable applications

Some of these programs don't have homepages or developers any longer, so I've tried to spot places still offering them. Tell me if you find any dead links, and remember it's particularly important to antivirus scan executables from third-party repositories!

Process Explorer (task manager)
ProduKey (recover passwords)
PuTTY (telnet client)
Registry Commander (virus cleanup)
Regmon (see access in real time)
ResHacker (examine executables)
Rootkit Revealer (just in case)
SensorView (check temperatures)
ShootTheMessenger (turn service off)
Shred by AnalogX (simple filer shredder)
Strings (find unicode strings)
Sweep (command line recursion)
Sync (flush filesystem data)
TedNPad (unicode text editor)
ThirdDir (directory synchronisation)
TrueCrypt (store private data safely)
UNPnP (tame SSDP)
UPX (compress executables)
UnitConverter (what it says)
Unstoppable Copier (worth a try)
utorrent (basic torrent app)
VCdControlTool (mount ISO images)
ViewAllWindows (show hidden windows)
WackGet (download manager)
Windows 98 generic USB flash driver
WinIPs (set hardware IPs)
Wizmo (create force kill shortcuts)
WNTIPCFG (show IP config)
WS_FTP95 (basic FTP client)
XnView (image browser and effects)
XPDite (minor XP-SP1 fix)
YACalc (evaluate expressions)
XCSV (checksums to compare files)
XVI32 (hex editor)

1by1 (play MP3s, accepts plugins)
AF7 Merge (splice text files)
AF9 Replace (binary-safe batch replace)
AriskKey (recover passwords)
AutoRuns (enumerate startup tasks)
BurnCDCC (burn ISO images)
CD Reader (plugin to use with 1by1)
CDex (rip CDs + convert MP3/WAV)
Contig (basic defrag for NT)
Copier [0X Copy Machine] (scan + print)
CWShredder (clean spyware)
DComBob (tame DCOM)
DeskPins (windows on top)
DirLister (make quick file lists)
Discover (force windows onscreen)
DupeLocater (find and clean)
Easy ISO Creator (use with BurnCDCC)
Filemon (see access in real time)
FileRecovery [PC Inspector] (undelete)
FolderSize (graphical space use)
FoxitReader (read PDFs)
GUIPDFTK (split/join PDFs)
HDTune (check harddrive integrity)
HijackThis (find spyware)
HJSplit (split/join files)
Identify_Boards (identify hardware)
KatMouse installer (due to MS drivers)
LCISOCreator (make ISO image from CD)
Leaktest (test firewall)
Media Checker (verify files on media)
MultiRes (change res + force refresh)
Multi Timer (stopwatch)
NoteTab Light (text editor)
NTest (test monitor setup)

Most apps can be usefully compressed with UPX, but don't try this on RootkitRevealer, KatMouse or Shred, as they seem to verify file checksums. I've retired WinImp in favour of 7-Zip Portable (and tend to include VLC on thumbdrives too) but you might want it in order to keep filesizes down to fit on, say, a 32Mb drive.

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