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2013-09-13 📌 Site Update: Time for a redesign

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I'm looking at tablet-friendlier layouts, and better to break things that might not get caught by initial testing here than on someone else's site. It also felt like a good time to simplify things, de-clutter and refocus on what the site is and isn't. Other than "an increasingly irrelevant mess".

For the record, this place is still clinging to the HTML 4.01 Transitional specification for grim life, any original content is still available under a CC BY-NC 3.0 license and I'm still hosted by Plugsocket – though I'll be contemplating a move before next year.

virtualdebris only gets updated when I want to pin into a scrapbook something that isn't covered by a quick post on Facebook or on a forum. It's daft to call attention to that fact with navigation more appropriate for a frequently-updated site. And whilst I like mentioning stuff I've read/seen recently in case anyone else is motivated to check it out too, there's never been any really good reason for the layout to have a sidebar.

What I'm not sure about is making the main content block quite this thin... unless the images are much higher resolution, on a reasonably large tablet in landscape mode (such as the Nexus 10 I've got) things can get blurry when the viewport scales — so it might be best to detect orientation and widen the viewport a bit if it's not portrait. I might need to modify the lightbox for images, and it'd be preferable to use percentage widths for images in order to accomodate smaller screens. So it's work in progress for a while.

Sticking with the pliosaur theme, have some artists' depictions of Predator X via the University of Oslo;

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