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2003-03-08 📌 Whatever you're looking for, I hope you find it.

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Home by eleven. Planned, I'm afraid. Calculatedly ensured by slinging my stuff into Richard's car before setting off for the pub. Not really much chance of coherence after moving on from the Boar's Head; best to plan taking into account likely intoxication...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAIRE! Sorry, but Metro's wasn't an enthralling prospect as I still had single vision, and the slim chance possibly existed that the buggers would've recognised me from Christmas... Carmarthen really isn't great when it comes to clubs, and nor am I. Quite impressed that we didn't get kicked out of the pub, though.

Ah, smeg, I'm getting tired. We didn't actually have Saturday in school, but I'm still knackered. Teaching's a funny thing, at least for me. It involves concentration—hyper-attentiveness—which is something I don't otherwise do. Maybe eventually I'll be laid back about the whole process, I dunno. [...] There's something weird on TV with a young Christina Ricci and Thora Birch in it [Now and Then, apparently], which is mildly interesting, and I'm sobering up, more's the pity. I'm also getting side-tracked, aren't I?

Crawled into Carmarthen by about four, discovered that 'brand' penknives with screwdriver head tools are in the region of £27, so fuck that. Hopefully I've sorted my PC with a good fan-cleaning anyway and I won't need to use one again for a while (I rather resent buying yet another basic cheapie screwdriver set, whereas a penknife would be fun... so, Charlie's it will be next time I'm in Aber...)

[Other utterly random thing—my R2 Ah! My Goddess 1-3 DVD is NTSC and doesn't work in colour on the TV we have here in Llandovery. Bah. I suspect this is why the R1 Movie DVD wouldn't play in colour at home, either. NTSC sUxx0rs...]

Anyway, picked up birthday presents, grabbed spicy chicken pizza and got down to a few drinks... Claire, Chris and Nicki's house is mint. Spearmint—toothpaste green, in fact... but better inside, at least... :)

I should really go to bed. But when have I ever heeded that advice, eh? Mmm, endearingly manipulative film emotive stuff... (see title) ...feh, bed it is. :yawn:


Well, it's easier on the eye than my starting a new entry; latest-to-oldest ordering doesn't scan particularly well... yeah, so anyway, people attained various levels of inebriation before we went out, toasts were made, placements discussed, glass broken, dances staggered and I won thumb wars (and have the bite-marks to show for it...) :D

The rest of the week was also thoroughly enjoyable. I've taught my first drama lesson and started an English class off on Macbeth (which'll be the first time I've taught a course text or play.) There's lots of drama performances coming up, and World Book Day was fun, apart from Richard picking up a bleeding scalp on the staffroom fireplace...

Less fun was discovering that the port replicator won't fix the Psion uplink situation; as far as I can tell (I don't own any other serial devices) it works perfectly... however, something else doesn't; having tried the Psion on Ellie's laptop, I'm forced to conclude that either the cable or the Psion port is damaged. Bollocks, to summarise... :dead:

Hopefully I can score another cable from eBay... failing that, another Psion, perhaps... but this is rather irritating. I wish I had my laptop functioning (rather than sitting with a knackered harddrive), as that's the only system I've ever had the Psion working with. My gut instinct is that the Psion might still work fine with it, though I have no evidence beyond the voodoo logic which has gotten me this far in all things tech...

Love to all, especially my sister, who needs to quit following in my footsteps, at least as far as head wounds go... I'll do you a copy of the Buffy musical CD which I found in MvC on Saturday. :) xXxXx—BtVS fans take note; it's finally and unexpectedly out!

    Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes!
        They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses!
            And what's with all the carrots?
                What do they need such good eyesight for anyway? . . .

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