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2018-01-24 📌 Project Zebra: You can't really compare what we do to other departments

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This entry is part of my Project Zebra series covering migration to Linux for personal computing use.

Office 2007 went out of extended support in October last year, although we're still using it at work (which is not something I could recommend).

So as I was reading which breathlessly suggested (read: repeated without verifying) that CrossOver now works with Office 2016, despite previous disappointments I fished around for a 25% off coupon and got a year's subscription.

After a couple of hiccups installing all seemed groovy, except… drum roll... the most used application, Word, won't open files. I've looked at suggestions on but as this page currently suggests:

So why the fuck do CodeWeavers list it as "Runs Well"? Reading the comment threads on they give a totally different story, and the "I got it yesterday, and today we release." in December on doesn't really suggest a carefully tested milestone.

However, the HUP disc of 2013 I got two or three years ago and first tried last May (when CodeWeavers were recently claiming 2013 support, and the aforementioned disappointment) now installs and appears to work so I've supplemented 2007 with that. Drag the favorites into ~/.local/share/applications and it's done, and will do for occasional non-originated documents.

(If you find Word 2013 isn't very responsive, head to Options > Advanced > Display and tick the option to disable hardware acceleration).

Maybe 2016 will work at some point within the cheap year of upgrades for CrossOver I've paid. Wine and CrossOver are both impressive technical projects, it'd just be better all round if there was less over-promising.

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