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2018-02-27 📌 Hey kids, spywareinfo.com is a parked domain!

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Sadly it turns out Comparitech are actually a little bit over-eagerly spammy and chasing link backs after all. Further to the email about Truecrypt http://virtualdebris.co.uk/blog/035BC27E/a-quick-note-on-truecrypt I got another less subtle email about the same ancient (we're talking 2009) blog post...

Nobody in their right mind is reading eight year old software lists, particularly lists of security software, thinking they're still valid. I don't even run Windows as a daily driver any more.

My advice if you do is to not run as an administrator, keep more than one iteration of backups, not leave your only backup device connected to a machine where ransomware can pwn it, avoid Adobe products such as Flash and Reader, use AdBlock and trust no sites, run a non-Microsoft browser (ideally in a virtual machine or other sandbox that can't touch the rest of your system) and whitelist software. Anti-virus and anti-malware products are commonly left playing catch up, so unfortunately it's as much a matter of good habits, luck, and hoping that Windows' architecture and frequently-released critical patches don't let you down.

Other operating systems aren't perfect either, but it isn't how popular they are or aren't that means that they're safer. They're simply not as buggy/dangerous shit.

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