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2015-12-19 📌 A little bit of creative stuff

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I have a lot of fondness for 00s Gail Simone era Birds of Prey, and if I had to choose a favourite DC character Oracle would probably be it. Similarly I enjoyed the year or two where Steph took up the Batgirl identity and things weren't too grimdark for a bit. Comics should be fun, y'know? So I decided to try to put a team together from the decade-plus of figures that are out there.

Middle row (the ones that aren't customs): DCU Classics Barda with regular head, Hush Huntress, Reborn Batgirl, DCU Classics Canary. Others: at the back is Lady Blackhawk, which is just a male Blackhawk body + Abbey Chase head. Oracle is a Sophie Bangs body, Hope Summers head, Felicity Smoak glasses, movie Prof X chair, with a supposedly 12" scale laptop. Spy Smasher got the Felicity Smoak head and Abbey Chase body. There are a couple of bits of LEGO and off-brand LEGO as headgear.

And now a couple of shots of murderous undead, inspired by the minions of Szass Tam in various Forgotten Realms books set in Thay. Figures are Kaiyodo Revoltech / TK Project releases, base is from a ZOIDS Zaber Fang kit and the axe is a WoW keychain.

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