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2003-03-16 📌 Got my eyes wide open and I see the signs...

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...album now conjecturing; Kirsty MacColl—The One And Only. After writing this I've to work out where I'm going with Macbeth with Form 2; thus far we've written the diary/letter to his wife, looked at the arguments for killing the king, watched the bloody deed and begun a newspaper account of that and other weird happenings...

But enough of that for a spell as I catch my breath in the twilight of a thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable weekend. We've shopped, imbibed, walked, walked some more and looked down from ruined castle walls. Benign activity and good company both; 'sated' is currently probably the best word to describe my mood. :) Llandeilo turned out to have a very cool 'new-age' gift shop, from whence we picked up curios and went on to get booze, by which time it was almost time to start off to Emma's house party...

Quite what Denis' better half thought of a roomful of teachers talking shop I don't know, but that's what always seems to happen when people get together... anyway, minor outlawries and nice quantities of alchohol later it was time to camp down. Dawn brought acres of rolling countryside, close encounters with dairy livestock and much-appreciated fried pig sandwiches. :) Not content with just these vistas, and there being many bodies gathered thus, a round trip of local beauty spots occurred. First stop was some rather overpriced 'lost' gardens... cue some alternative getting back to nature under Ellie's expert direction which culminated in the discovery of a trig point (still not exactly sure what these are), a rather impressive view, and—thankfully—no bulls. Next were the open parts of the national deer park (also home to some unusual trees and more than a few peacocks), and finally we ended up at a small ruined castle at the top of a spectacularly tall hill—wow, that was a view. :) Sorry, but I forgot to take a camera, as the day of outings was impromptu... and anyway, yet another person concurs that taking photos of things is a sure way to forget everything else. If I didn't already stress this enough, wow... it was a beautifully clear day, the sheep several hundred feet below us looked like tiny balls of cotton wool, and sitting on top of ancient stone walls chin- wagging about life, the universe and everything, I can't recall feeling more at peace in a very long time. I'd still have liked photos... not because I need the memory assistance, I'd just like to give you some idea of the scene. For now, in the manner of HST,


Note from the future: photos can now be found here.

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