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2009-12-06 📌 Replacing the language bar with a system tray icon in Windows XP

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Just a quickie... I don't like the Windows XP language bar because it doesn't behave when the taskbar is locked, if the toolbar is on the right and icons get added to the system tray. It also makes the taskbar taller when it's docked, which is noticeable in the Windows Classic theme.

Fortunately, as indicated here you can use the Windows 2000 tray icon instead by extracting internat.exe and indicdll.dll from the older operating system — you don't need to install anything, just get your CD or ISO and use expand on the command line to uncompress those two files to a system folder;

...and then put a shortcut to the executable in your startup folder, or just invoke it when you want to switch languages in applications.

Actually, if you google for INTERNAT.EX_ or INDICDLL.DL_ plus "parent directory" you'll probably find that someone's left a copy of the operating system on an open directory somewhere.

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