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2003-09-26 📌 My review: The Keys - Strength of Strings (single)

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Strength Of

Track listing:

1. Strength Of Strings
2. Death Song
3. Let Your Soul Be Your Guide

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It's the theme to Rawhide! No, wait, it's Strength of Strings, though at times the cowboy overtone is pretty unmistakeable. I got an advance copy of this Too Pure disc, which I think was eventually released as a digi-pack single. And very good it is too, the most catchy and energetic track released by The Keys so far.

For those listening to Death Song through headphones in stereo, the vocal is annoyingly only on one channel. Gravelly vocals and ethereal keyboards prevent this from sounding too much like adolescent angst, running neatly into the similarly chilled-out Let Your Soul Be Your Guide. The last track here, Matt again proves that careful arrangement and his trademark vocals are capable of compensating for vague and woolly lyrics. As a CD this runs short, but the band are beginning to build a nice momentum. Check them out.


Lately, baby, up on the hill I've stood so still thinking
Maybe you hate me for doing my thing
Alright, okay, I could say anything (that soul saved me)
Alright, my way, I do it with grace

With the key to the city...
It's a beautiful thing... the strength of strings...

Sometimes, always, put it to bed but it's a half-measure
Workshy, worn out, I do it again
(Moonlight, shoulder, I could pull anything to be alto)
Alright, my way, I do it with grace


The strength of strings... (x2)


This is a death song, but no-one has died
This is my death song, and I'm still alive
It's over, I've been set free
She phoned up to say: let's call it a day
And it's come to an end, so this is the death song
'Cause she ain't ever coming back

This is the death song, but nobody has died
This is my requiem, but I'm still alive
So let it begin, life without her
For it is death about her
Yeah, let it begin, and this'll be my birth song
For that ain't ever coming back


Young man at the sandwich bar
Be dead in two hundred years but so will you and I
Only one thing we have and that's our lives to live
We gotta get high before we die

Death to everything, death to everyone
It's such a liberation, let's get it on
Everybody here, there's no need to fear
This life is just a ride, you gotta...

Let your soul be your guide (x4)

All those theories, all those ideas
All those laws, they'll turn to dust
Like all those metal structures will be
Succumb to rust, yeah...

No need to fear, no need to hate your enemy
They're gonna die, just like you

All lyrics are, naturally, copyright the band.

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