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2005-10-23 📌 Windows text editors / Terminus Code custom font

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I grew up using RISC OS 3 !Edit ... resulting in a couple of behavioural quirks;

  1. I don't see syntax highlighting as particularly important. I use whitespace to make code readable, and I'm used to parsing in monochrome.

  2. I expect better search & replace functionality than is common in Windows software. Specifically, !Edit supported Regular Expressions. Maybe not fully, but you could search for linebreaks and you could use parts of the string you found in the replace.

When I got to Windows, I discovered Notetab Light. To date I've found no better free replacement for it. If it were actively developed I'd get the commercial version, but since it's been on hold for a couple of years it'd make more sense to pay twice as much for UltraEdit-32... besides, I'm still holding out for a quality open source or free-beer editor I can recommend to anyone. I currently have my eye on PSPad, which is rapidly improving.

Narked with the slow development of AceHTML (which I bought when Visicom were offering a special upgrade deal, mostly to show support for the time I used AceHTML 4/5) I've since largely gone back to Notetab for HTML editing, with which I'm much more productive. I decided also to look for a nicer font than Courier New to edit in.

To cut a story short, I found various nice ones at ProggyFonts but all a bit small. I then spent a couple of hours bodging a bitmap version of Terminus, itself a TrueType version of a Linux console font, adding chunkier brackets/punctuation for HTML spotting.

Terminus Code
4Kb Archive

Anyway, feel free to download and try it if you happen to be in the market for this sort of stuff. I've been using it for a while now without any obvious problems, and find the taller, thinner letters more readable than Courier New.

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