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2006-07-26 📌 Fierce Panda carries electronic rabies, shoot on sight

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Received an email scam a while ago...

Run of the mill stuff, eh? Poor spelling, an embedded image so that the phishers could check if the message had been read if the recipient was using a client that permitted HTML, etc. The interesting thing is that the mail was sent to an address that's only ever been given out to one party: Fierce Panda Records, for a mailing list.

Let me explain. One of the advantages of a domain name is being able to set up multiple inboxes and redirectors. So you'd have,,, etc. A good default policy is to open these as required and filter or block ones that you haven't authorised.

As well as helping to pre-sort incoming mail, this allows you to keep track of abuse — in this example, that Fierce Panda have no bloody security and their mailing list is available to spammers. This raises the question of why you'd trust any other business (such as online transactions) to them, so I'm rather sorry to see The Hot Puppies signed to such.

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