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2005-09-26 📌 Polish language camps in the UK? Justyna, read this.

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I got an email query whilst we were still in Pulawy. Unfortunately she didn't give a return address, so I'm replying here.

I'm from gdansk, poland and I was directed on your website by one of my lectors from english camp I've been to last month. I really enjoyed it and decided I'd love to do the same thing next holidays, but this time as a lector. I'm aware of the fact that polish language is not commonly spoken but I'm trying hard to get to know about any possibility of polish language camp in UK. do you have any information of such camps or could you direct me to somebody who could help me?

would really appreciate any help you can give me :)


On our way back from Cracow we shared the first coach with a large group of Polish students in their early teens who were going to the UK, but we didn't find out which organisation they were working with. I did think of some places to contact, though...

This site has some links to groups in the UK run by Poles living in the UK:


Or you could write to APASS, who may have some contacts;

93 Victoria Road
139 Lansdowne Way

I'll aim to update my APASS section with general queries such as this at some point.

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